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Gold Standard in Integrated Interbody™

Only Centinel Spine merges the established advantages of titanium with the subsidence resistance and visualization benefits of PEEK and the proven clinical success of STALIF® technology to provide spine surgeons with titanium, endplate-facing, Integrated Interbody™ systems.

Not All Titanium Surfaces are Created Equal.

Ti-ACTIVE™ is engineered with over 15 years of science and experience to produce an optimized surface topography enabling cellular proliferation.1, 2, 3, 4

High Quality Standards

Ti-ACTIVE™ is designed and manufactured with a highly refined process with rigorous inspection. In the manufacturing process, there are specific areas of the implant that are masked in order to ensure that the surface maintains certain thickness and tensile strength characteristics. The re-surfacing process is conducted by a robotic arm in a vacuum environment with controlled temperature and pressure for better control over the quality and reproducibility of the surface.

Above: Areas without titanium surface ensure consistent coverage and surface integrity
Above: Actual photomicrograph of Ti-ACTIVE™ coupon

Finally, the PEEK is heated to make it more receptive to the titanium resurfacing, and provide the optimal environment for interdigitation of the titanium into the PEEK.

To ensure the final surface meets minimum required standards, 100% of all Ti-ACTIVE™ lots are inspected to verify surface thickness, tensile strength, and porosity versus validation requirements.

When this surface was tested using the FDA ‘metal on metal’ testing protocols, it significantly exceeded FDA standards for shear and tensile bond strength.

All Centinel devices using Ti-ACTIVE™ are sterile-packed, avoiding the cyclic shrinking/stretching rates that may cause differing materials to separate as they are heated and cooled during the sterilization processes.


Surface Roughness

as Compared to PEEK5


Cellular Adhesion

of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells (hMSCs) Compared to Coarser Ti-coated PEEK Surfaces6


Cellular Proliferation

24-Hour hMSCs Count was 20x Greater Compared to Other Titanium Surfaces6

One-and-Only STALIF® Combination.

Ti-ACTIVE is the only titanium surface to be combined with the STALIF No-Profile, Stand-Alone, Integrated Interbody technology.

Only STALIF devices with Ti-ACTIVE surface provide a three-point stability advantage with increased insertion friction, increased surface contact area with bony endplates and compressive fixation at the graft site through a lag screw design.2, 7 

The Lag Effect

Compressive lag fixation ensures biomechanical stability and provides secure graft-endplate contact. Lag screws reduce the vertebral bodies onto the PEEK Cage creating graft / endplate surface compression to provide the best opportunity for fusion.

Radiolucent Advantage

Ti-ACTIVE™ devices maintain the radiolucent advantage of PEEK, making it easier to assess post-operative development of fusion mass during follow-up. Images show radiographs of STALIF C-Ti™ (left group) and STALIF M-Ti™ (right group) in Anterior / Posterior view (left) and Lateral view (right).
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