Centinel Spine raises the "Gold Standard" in spinal fusion procedures with Ti-ACTIVE™, a texturized titanium surface that offers an optimized surface topography enabling cellular migration, cellular interaction, and cellular attachment to the surface as observed on representative PEEK coupons with Ti-ACTIVE™ surface.1, 2, 3, 4

It is the only titanium surface combined with our exclusive STALIF Integrated Interbody™ platform for both the cervical and lumbar spine.

Not All Titanium Surfaces are Created Equal.

Engineered with over 15 years of science and experience.

A heritage in healing.

Establishes a three-dimensional topography. 2

Cell migration of cultured cells studied by scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The PEEK device (left) shows the absence of any cell attachment to the surface. The device with Ti-ACTIVE™ surface (right) shows cell attachment and cell migration seen by cytoplasmic expansions of the cultured cells, as highlighted in purple.

Provides increased surface area in contact with bony endplates.

STALIF C-Ti titanium surface in contact with bony endplates at the fusion site.

Enhances implantation stabilization.2

The surface roughness is twenty times greater than that of a typical PEEK device. The increased surface roughness and friction at the bony endplates enhances stability upon implantation.2

Offers a high quality, durable bond.2

Ti-ACTIVE was tested for quality and the results exceeded the FDA requirements for shear and tensile strength for metallic spray surfaces by at least 17% and 63% respectively. See graph above.2

The sterile-packed, Ti-ACTIVE Integrated Interbody implants offer favorable performance, tracking, safety and surgical efficiency.

Sterile-packed STALIF C-Ti device.

Raising the Gold Standard in Integrated Interbody™.

Centinel Spine merges the established advantages of titanium with a modulus of elasticity similar to bone, visualization benefits of PEEK and the proven clinical success of STALIF technology to provide spine surgeons with titanium surface, Integrated Interbody™ systems.

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