* STALIF L is indicated for use with supplemental fixation.

Demand More of Your Lateral Integrated Interbody System

Introducing the First FDA cleared No-Profile® MIS lateral Integrated Interbody system with compressive lag screw fixation and proprietary Anti-Backout® technology.*

Surgeon-Driven Design

STALIF L continues the thirty-year STALIF® heritage of innovation. Developed with prominent spine surgeons to address an unmet need, STALIF L meets the demands and complexity of minimally invasive lumbar lateral interbody fusion procedures.

  • Compressive lag screw fixation: provides added stability and compresses bony endplates to the cage and graft—taking advantage of Wolff’s law
    • Easily placed self-tapping, self-drilling, cancellous lag screws
    • Proprietary Anti-Backout (ABO®) technology
  • Multiple lordotic implant configurations: matches patient anatomy
    • Lordosis of 12°
    • Lengths of 45, 50 & 55mm
    • Heights of 8, 10, 12, 14 & 16mm
    • Width of 20mm
  • Large, open graft cavity: increases opportunities for fusion
  • Bullet nose and pyramidal teeth: eases insertion and increases stability

STALIF L is the only all-PEEK, lateral No-Profile, Integrated Interbody device with compressive lag screw fixation and Anti-Backout (ABO) technology.

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Without a doubt I would recommend the surgery that I had because I have my life back.

- Renee, TX