Centinel Spine® provides Gold Standard Solutions with Efficient Spinal Procedures, Quality Patient Care and the Clinical Results You Demand.

Surpassing The Ordinary

The outpatient healthcare environment has many surgical challenges and operational requirements. Centinel Spine understands these requirements and our products deliver the quality, benefits and outcomes required to successfully treat cervical and lumbar spinal fusion patients.

Gold Standard Solutions

  • Proven and innovative Integrated Interbody™ technologies, including Ti-ACTIVE™ surface technology for anterior spinal fusion procedures
  • On-label usage with autograft or allogenic bone graft
  • On-label usage in multilevel procedures*
  • Reduced clinical risk with 95% fusion rate for one and multilevel procedures1
  • 30-year heritage of delivering the clinical results you demand
     * Multilevel indicates for 1-2 contiguous levels.

Facility Efficiencies

  • Reduce sterilization cost with single tray instrumentation
  • Save space with on-demand, sterile packaged implants
  • Save time with local inventory management support
  • Increase staff reimbursement knowledge with expert hotline

Operational Efficiencies

  • 40% reduction in surgical time2 assists in increased surgical throughput
  • Customizable delivery model to meet your facility’s needs
  • Increase operating room space efficiencies by eliminating extra surgical trays

Staff Efficiencies

  • Maximize surgical staff efficiencies with streamlined instrumentation
  • Enhance staff workflow with product consistency and knowledge
  • Increase staff education of spine procedures and instrumentation

Patient Outcomes

  • 52%+ reduction in length of stay7, 8, 9
  • Reduce patient pain with No-Profile device3
  • Increase patient satisfaction with educational materials
Clinically-Proven Technology

Centinel Spine's STALIF® devices exceed the outpatient care requirements with many design features that translate into surgical and patient benefits.

STALIF C® Comparison:

Intraoperative Time & Estimated Blood Loss

To see how much time, resources & costs you can save, demand access to the Centinel Spine Complete™ program at: (484) 838-6400 or spinemck@centinelspine.com.

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1 Said Elshihabi, MD, A Retrospective Clinical and Fusion Analysis of the Device with Stem-Cell Derivative Bone Graft Material, Presented at The Southern Neurosurgical Society’s 66th Annual Meeting, Naples, FL., March 2015. 2 Paul Lane, MD, et al., Early Radiographic and Clinical Outcomes Study Evaluating an Integrated Screw and Interbody Spacer for One- and Two-Level ACDF, The International Journal of Spine Surgery, 9(39). DCI: 10.14444/2039.2015. 3 Data from 3 sites (1 surgeon/site). 2 sites are part of a prospective data collection study. Data from third site is retrospective 4 Allograft bone spacers, and when available, local bone, along with anterior cervical fixed angle plate 5 Zigler, JE, et al. ProDisc-C and Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion as Surgical Treatment for Single-Level Cervical Symptomatic Degenerative Disc Disease. Spine, 38(3), 203 – 209, 2013 6 Corticocancellous allograft bone and an anterior cervical plate with screws [SLIM-LOC™ Anterior Cervical Plate System (DePuy Spine) and ATLANTIS™ or ATLANTIS™ VISION Anterior Cervical Plate Systems (Medtronic)] 7 Hisey, MS, et al. Multi-center, Prospective, Randomized, Controlled Investigational Device Exemption Clinical Trial Comparing Mobi-C Cervical Artificial Disc to Anterior Discectomy and Fusion in the Treatment of Symptomatic Degenerative Disc Disease in the Cervical Spine. International Journal of Spine Surgery. 8(7), doi: 10.14444/1007, 2014 8 N = 66 9 N = 145

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Hear from a STALIF Patient:

Without a doubt I would recommend the surgery that I had because I have my life back.

- Renee, TX